W Sauce Pulled Beef Sandwiches


• 2 Chuck Roasts @ 2lbs each
• Kosher Salt
• Fresh Ground Pepper
• ½ Cup Bear and Burton’s W Sauce
• 1 Whole Sliced Onion
• 4 Carrots Chopped
• 5 Celery Stalks Chopped
• Your Favorite Bakery Rolls
• Sliced Provolone
• 1 Cup Red Wine
• 32oz Beef Broth
• 12 Garlic Cloves
• ½ Stick of Butter
• Mayonnaise


• PreHeat your grill or oven to 275º.
• Rough chop your carrots, celery, and onion.
• Add the vegetables, garlic, butter, beef broth, red wine, and W sauce to a Dutch oven.
• Season both sides of your Chuck Roasts with Salt & Pepper, then place on the grill or in the oven.
* If using a baking pan to cook the roasts in your oven, you may want to pan sear first to brown them up a bit.
• Put the Dutch oven with your broth in the grill or oven with the Chuck Roasts.
• Once the roasts are between 150-160º (around 2 hours), add them to the Dutch oven with the broth.
• Continue to simmer for another 2 hours or until fork tender.
• Remove the Chuck Roasts from the broth and allow to cool enough to pull or shred.
• Toast some Rolls as the roasts finish cooling.
• Assemble your sandwiches how you like, maybe with some Mayo & Provolone Cheese, plus broth for dipping.
• You can also place the sandwiches back on the grill or broil in the oven to melt the cheese.

Our Delicious Pulled Beef Sandwiches are based on the Heath Riles BBQ Recipe here: