Keurig ‘Water Under Pressure’ Fix

Keurig ‘Water Under Pressure’ Fix

* These fixes have worked for us, but some of the methods are not approved by Keurig; as such you must understand that making use of any of the adjustments or other tips given here is done at your own risk. Especially if your machine is under warranty, it is always best to contact Keurig for support before breaking it on your own…

Many of the Keurig brewers will ‘shut down’ if the water pressure becomes to high, halting the brew cycle and displaying the ‘Water Under Pressure’ warning. In the event your machine does shut down due to high water pressure, just remove the pod, then run a single ‘water only’ cycle to reset the error. If the warning keeps returning or will not clear, it could be the ‘needles’ that puncture your pods are clogged with coffee grounds or other gunk. Many machines come with a Needle Maintenance Accessory, if you have been using your machine for awhile you may need to perform this procedure:
1) Power down and unplug the machine, then open the handle.
2) Fill the Maintenance Accessory with water (shown below properly assembled).
3) Insert Maintenance Accessory as if it was a coffee pod.
4) Close and then open the handle 5 times, then remove the accessory.
5) Power the unit back up and run a few ‘cleansing brews’ (hot water only).

Keurig Needle Maintenance Accessory

Sometimes this might not work (or you might not have the maintenance accessory). If so (and your machine is no longer under warranty) you can use an unfolded regular size paper-clip to ‘poke through’ the needles on your unit. Take extreme care as these needles are sharp, and if damaged, may cause your machine to require repair or replacement. Do not use oversize paper-clips or the rubber coated ones, just a normal paper-clip straightened out as much as possible to gently poke through the clogged needles. Then, as we did with the maintenance accessory, run a few cleansing brews and with any luck, you should be ready to brew coffee again.

If you are experiencing this problem with a NEW MACHINE, there are a few things to try before assuming the machine is defective. In some cases, the problem may actually be the coffee pods, we have seen them clog up, or even ‘pop’ the internal filter and allow grounds into your cup. So before doing anything more, try a different brand pod (another kind of coffee) to see if the problem may not be the machine at all.

If that does not seem to help, then try a brew cycle using the ‘strong’ setting (if available), this will slow the machine down, and since the water is not being pumped as fast, may eliminate that water pressure warning. If it does, there is one final setting that might solve your problem without forcing you to brew every cup on the ‘strong’ setting. Enter the setup menu and enable the ‘high altitude’ option, then hit save (if your machine has this option, not all of them will). Though the option would not seem to be related, I think this fixes most lingering water pressure warnings on new machines, if not, then you may have a defective unit and should contact Keurig for support.

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