Bean Variety: 100% Arabica Blend
Roast Level: Medium (4)
Caffeine Level: Unknown (assumed to be average)

I am not sure if I should call this a gourmet or supermarket coffee, either way it is a spot on classic cup of coffee by a manufacturer that has been around for almost a century. Like many K-Cup coffees we sample, the aroma is not as prominent as it would be if other brewing methods were used. However, so long as we experience a pleasant, inviting aroma, we take that into consideration. More importantly, this coffee remains free of any strong negative characteristics, offering a smooth flavor profile even if the result is a bit generic. I also tend to favor a coffee that can avoid a bitter finish, and as it did in flavor, this coffee skirts any glaring issues, earning a good score with a clean close.

Conclusion: Good Everyday Coffee

Community Coffee Breakfast Blend









  • Safe Classic Cup of Coffee
  • Smooth Overall Taste


  • Somewhat Generic Flavor
  • Unknown Caffeine Level

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