Bean Variety: 100% Arabica Blend
Roast Level: Medium (5)
Caffeine Level: Unknown (assumed to be average)

A surprisingly good coffee from the big box giant, for a price that beats most others sale prices. Definitely a safe classic cup of coffee, this one also has an aroma and taste that is on par with many gourmet brands. We found the flavor to be very smooth, with no bitter aftertaste, the only downside we noticed was it seemed a little weak (or bland) when compared to similar offerings.

Conclusion: Great Everyday Coffee

Great Value Breakfast Blend









  • Safe Classic Cup of Coffee
  • Very Competitive Pricing
  • Smooth / Not Bitter


  • Slightly Bland Taste
  • Unknown Caffeine Level


  1. I agree it is more of a “light roast” flavor, and I cannot find the amount of caffine in the product which is somewhat of a health concern – but for the price it is very reasonable.
    I will likely try their “dark roast”, if they have one, but in a small box – I bought the “medium roast” as a 48 cup package.
    Maybe it will work as iced coffee?

  2. The worst coffee I ever had. Bitter, terrible taste. Misrepresented as a medium roast while it is a dark roast. I could not drink it.
    One week ago I tried a classic roast. Not tasty either.
    Great Value shall stop selling it. Garbage.

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