• BigBQ Brats (Best Bratwurst Ever)

    We picked this recipe up many years ago, but it remains our go to recipe for brats, and is great for groups of people who may decide to eat over the course of several hours. You can have it ready is as little as maybe 90 minutes, but you can keep it ready for hours at a low simmer.

    Here is what you will need:
    Some Type of Grill
    Large Yellow Onion
    2 or 3 Sweet Bell Peppers
    8 oz Package Sliced Fresh Mushrooms
    Black Pepper
    2 Packages of Brats
    5 Cans of Beer
    Hot Dog Buns or Rolls

    Start out by trimming then chopping your peppers and onion into fair size chunks. Place into a large stockpot or sauce pot along with your mushrooms, a tablespoon of black pepper and the 2 packages of brats. Now pour in enough beer to get everything floating, probably about five 12 oz beers will do it. Bring this to a boil over medium-high heat, then reduce to a simmer.

    Timing is not really critical here, but after 45 minutes or an hour your brats should be fully cooked. Go ahead and grab all the brats out of the pot, we are going to put them on a hot grill to get the outside charred just a bit. Continue to simmer the pot though, in fact you may want to turn it up a bit, since we need to reduce that mixture down for use as a topping.

    Once the brats are crispy on the outside (grill a few minutes per side on medium-high direct heat), put them back in the pot and reduce heat back to a simmer. These can be served immediately, or they can be kept warm and ready for several hours, just be sure to make enough.

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