Specialty Coffee
Bean Variety: 100% Arabica Blend
Roast Level: Medium (5)
Caffeine Level: Unknown (assumed to be average)

This was a difficult review, we wanted to love this coffee – but after our experience with it, ended up trying to be fair, and not just come out and say we did not like it… You can tell this is not your classic up of coffee from the moment the aroma hits your nose, not that it is unpleasant, in fact at this point we were still expecting a special treat. Then we tasted it, and did not think of a chocolate glazed donut, or coffee to be honest. We thought the flavor was ‘weird’, not disgusting I guess, but not at all what we were expecting. The finish is a continuation of the flavor that did not match our expectations. I am sure plenty of people may like, or even love this coffee, specialty coffee’s certainly have a place, and if you are a little adventurous I think they are worth a try. However, for us, and I suspect most people who enjoy the somewhat predictable flavor of a classic cup of coffee, it might be best to just pick up a few real donuts to go with your coffee, and stick with something more traditional in the cup.

Conclusion: We would not purchase again

Dunkin' Donuts Chocolate Glazed Donut









  • Something Different...


  • NOT a Safe Classic Cup of Coffee
  • Does Not Taste Like a Chocolate Donut
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