K-Cup Pods Fill My 16oz Mug

One of the first ‘bad things’ you may have immediately recognized with your single serve ‘k-cup’ coffee maker is the lack of a setting to fill your 16 ounce mug or cup (unless you have one of the newer multi-brew units and plan to use the more expensive ‘k-mug’ pods I believe are currently only available from Kuerig).

So what now? Well, it turns out this is not really a problem, any machine that can brew an 8 ounce cup can also brew a 16 ounce cup… Just reset your brewer (lift and lower the handle) after the first 8 ounce brew cycle, then run a second cycle.

You are worried about weak coffee? We did not notice much of a difference, if any. Fact is, with around 2 heaping tablespoons of coffee in one of those k-cup pods, there should be enough in there for a 16 ounce cup. Additionally, some units have a ‘strong’ setting, you can use that for the second brew cycle (or both cycles if you want) to insure you get enough flavor.

Note: The second brew cycle should be started almost immediately after the first; if allowed to sit, the coffee can ‘set up’ in the pod and may restrict water flow or cause other problems.

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