Bean Variety: 100% Arabica Blend
Caffeine Level: 110mg @ 12oz (Slightly Below Average)
Roast Level: Medium (6)

With millions drinking this brand from their local establishments, it goes without saying that it fits the expected profile for a classic cup of coffee. Though we should mention when we did a ‘side by side’ comparison using our home brewed version and one from the local drive-thru window, they did not taste the same. The restaurant version was definitely stronger tasting (I know some call this bold and prefer it, others might say ‘bitter’). Regardless, at least in our test, they do not have the same flavor profile, with the home version being milder.

Having said that, the aroma is what you expect, the taste is smooth and balanced, so it is certainly an enjoyable cup of coffee.

One final thing we will mention, we had a problem with our pods. In this review, the picture shown is the exact pod we used, if you notice they have a ‘rippled side’, verses most pods, which have smooth sides. Whatever the reason though, our pods ‘popped the internal filter’ as they brewed, causing grounds to end up in the cup, and making the coffee undrinkable. For what it is worth, we notified the parent company of this issue via a customer contact form on their website, but received no reply.

Conclusion: Good Everyday Coffee

McCafe Premium Roast









  • Safe Classic Cup of Coffee
  • Smooth & Balanced


  • Not Identical to the Restaurant
  • We had Bad Pods
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