Bean Variety: 100% Arabica Blend (Latin America)
Caffeine Level: Undetermined (see below)
Roast Level: Medium (5)

We were not able to find reliable caffeine information about this coffee. One source suggests a level of 260mg in 12 ounces, another is suggesting a much lower 120mg (which seems too low to us, we would actually tend to agree with a figure closer to 260mg based on our experience). The aroma from this coffee is pleasant, though light, not a bad thing, but it doesn’t reach out to you. The flavor of this coffee has a tangy-bitter quality to it, not so unique that you question it, but it does provide a bit of character. Even so, the overall flavor still falls within what we consider a safe classic cup. The aftertaste, while not unpleasant, does tend to linger a bit, bringing to mind the thought of coffee breath.

Conclusion: Good Everyday Coffee

Seattle's Best Breakfast Blend









  • Safe Classic Cup of Coffee
  • A Bit of Character


  • Unclear Caffeine Level
  • Lingering Aftertaste

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