Bean Variety: 100% Arabica Blend (10% Hawaiian)
Roast Level: Medium (5)
Caffeine Level: Unknown (assumed to be average)

We have to admit that we do not know what a true Hawaiian coffee should taste like, so can only say this coffee is a bit different. We think it could be served as a classic cup, but that it is very close to the edge of the target due a unique flavor coming through. The pleasant and inviting aroma is not unfamiliar, but your first sip does offer a (not so subtle) variation on flavor. Not bitter, rather a bold taste that remains clean and consistent in the aftertaste. With that in mind, we decided to be rather neutral, and believe this coffee could fall on either side of the line depending on your preferences, so if you feel adventurous, give it a try and let us know what you think.

Conclusion: Good Everyday Coffee

Tully's Hawaiian Blend









  • Bold, yet Clean


  • Unknown Caffeine Level

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